Living Outside of time Pt.1

The Park was filled with the sounds of a great hustle and bustle. Children played on the playground while parents talked on the sidelines. Picnickers chatted back and forth playfully on the nearby grass. Water trickled gently from the water feature in the center of the parks courtyard. Skateboarders, bicyclists, and joggers merely passed by the stone courtyard with accompanying clicks whizzes and thuds. Birds chirped playfully in the tree tops above it all wings flapping gently in the breeze.

Bill however walked through the crowds at the park this summer afternoon blissfully unaware of these sounds, for although he heard them he paid them no mind. Bills attention was intently on his phone, holding it his right hand he slipped seamlessly from one post to another. A bag of burgers from a nearby fast food restaurant swayed gently as he walked. As Bill approached the center of the courtyard he paused briefly to look around, his eyes fell on a figure sitting alone on a bench near the fountain in the center of the courtyard. The man was wearing sneakers, blue jeans, and a plain brown t-shirt, his head hung slightly down with his eyes closed his thick black hair just reaching his eyebrows. The mans arms were folded and he appeared completely motionless.

Upon reaching the bench Bill sat down set his phone with a notepad app open on the bench between them. Then he proceeded to remove two burgers from the paper sack. One he placed next to his phone, the other he began to open for himself. “Well Jim, how are you doing? I got you one with everything on it, just how you like it. So go ahead and dig in.” Bill then went to take a bite of his burger after lowering it from his mouth he looked over. Jims arms were now at his sides resting on the bench, his left hand holding the second burger unwrapped and half eaten. The other resting next to Bills phone. Bill picked up and read the newly typed message on the phone. “I’m doing well, but you are late, what took you so long?”

Bill spoke aloud again explaining how his new girlfriend had tried to talk him into letting her come meet his mysterious friend he goes to see weekly at the park and it had taken time to talk her down. A response appeared on the phone moments later. The conversation continued back and forth like this for close to an hour before Bill decided it was time to go. “Well I need to get going,” He said aloud, “Have a good one, and I’ll bring you a slice of cake next week for your birthday.” Before he even stood from the bench entirely Bill looked over and Jim was gone. Picking up his phone Bill saw one final message, Thanks man, I’ll bring the burgers.

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